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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whisked Away For the Afternoon

My friend Aimee called me at 7:50 a.m on Friday just as I was frantically hurrying my kids out the door for school. When I briskly answered the phone, Aimee asked what I was doing for the day. A million things ran through my head. Really A MILLION things. It was my day to do everything that I didn't get done the last two weeks. When she asked me that simple question, I really didn't know where to begin so instead I said "why."

My kind and thoughtful friend had been intending to do something special for my birthday for the past couple of months and today was the day for my something special. The word "not today" was on the tip of my tongue when I took a deep breath and out came "Yes!" I immediately felt my shoulders relax as my brain anticipated some girl time with my friend.

After much shuffling of kids, packaging jewelery and paying bills, I found myself ALONE and driving to San Luis Obispo. I was so happy that I said "yes" to Aimee. I was so glad that Aimee thought of me and asked me to spend time with her. We had a delicious lunch at Palazzo Giuseppe and played with makeup at Sephora. Just writing about our day now, makes me feel more peaceful. Saying "yes" to an opportunity almost always leads me to a good place.

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