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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun & Photo Shoot

It's Friday and after a very rainy week and short days at school, I am ready for some fun. My daughter, Ellie and I have been watching way too much "America's Next Top Model," and had a hilarious time today taking photos. I'm such a ham. I thought I'd show off one of my favorite necklaces. It is a 2"locket adorned with a happy-apple-green print and a hand-wrapped freshwater pearl. Every time I wear this necklace, I get loads of compliments. It's a steal at just $24.99. Please contact me to place an order.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Follow Your Goose Bumps

I just read an article about David de Rothschild. He built a boat out of plastic water bottles and sailed the globe calling awareness to all of the trash polluting our oceans. That is dedication! While reading the article, I wondered what would propel someone to actually do something like that. I mean really, that is a ton of planning and a boat-load of commitment. It takes serious dedication. Finally, towards the end of the article, David is asked what the best advice is that he ever received. David's answer: "My mum and dad taught me to follow my intuition. I'm a big believer in listening to goose bumps - when you feel them coming on, you know you're onto something good."

"Follow your bliss, do what makes you happy, Just do it!" These are all phrases that go through my mind often, but somehow "listen to your goose bumps" made me smile and struck a chord with me. From now on, those tingly bumps will be little arrows to happiness.