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Monday, July 19, 2010

Working From Home, Playing From Home

The kids are home for summer vacation!
Yippeee! Yahoooo! Horaayyy!
I still have to work... from home, with three kids surrounding me and expecting me to entertain them.
Boo. Hisssss. Cryyyy.

Finding time to work while kids are on summer break is like trying to go for a hike in high heels - frustrating, irritating and you just end up throwing your pumps at something.

I don't want to sit at my computer, typing away while trying to focus as I am interrupted incessantly. Heck, I want to jump on the trampoline, make sand castles on the beach, sit by the pool and watch movies. However, part of me does want to work. I like writing, I like creating, I like meeting with grown ups and discussing interesting things. Yes, I like earning money!

It's all a part of the constant balancing act that confounds us work-from-home moms each day. How to "fit it all in" is the question. Fortunately, my dilemma was kindly answered today by my beautiful friend Mary Kelting. After working diligently this morning, Mary picked me up at home, drove me to the pool, bought me a margarita and brought balance to my day. THAT is what friends are for.