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Friday, May 13, 2011

Woman's Day Magazine June 2011

Here's the cover of the "Woman's Day Magazine" which features the article "Think Like A Man" that I was interviewed for. I was contacted nearly a year ago by the magazine regarding a blog post that I wrote called "The Martha Stewart Complex." I'll repost it later, but it was basically about how I unsuccessfully strived to be a perfect homemaker (I hate that word!) like Martha Stewart. I had just had my first baby and wanted everything to be perfect. Stressful!

The author of the article, Beth Levine, called me about 4 months ago to discuss the article. I have been so excited about reading it. I think the article is amazine, and so true. I'll be blogging about that subject next.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Fun & Photo Shoot

It's Friday and after a very rainy week and short days at school, I am ready for some fun. My daughter, Ellie and I have been watching way too much "America's Next Top Model," and had a hilarious time today taking photos. I'm such a ham. I thought I'd show off one of my favorite necklaces. It is a 2"locket adorned with a happy-apple-green print and a hand-wrapped freshwater pearl. Every time I wear this necklace, I get loads of compliments. It's a steal at just $24.99. Please contact me to place an order.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Follow Your Goose Bumps

I just read an article about David de Rothschild. He built a boat out of plastic water bottles and sailed the globe calling awareness to all of the trash polluting our oceans. That is dedication! While reading the article, I wondered what would propel someone to actually do something like that. I mean really, that is a ton of planning and a boat-load of commitment. It takes serious dedication. Finally, towards the end of the article, David is asked what the best advice is that he ever received. David's answer: "My mum and dad taught me to follow my intuition. I'm a big believer in listening to goose bumps - when you feel them coming on, you know you're onto something good."

"Follow your bliss, do what makes you happy, Just do it!" These are all phrases that go through my mind often, but somehow "listen to your goose bumps" made me smile and struck a chord with me. From now on, those tingly bumps will be little arrows to happiness.

Friday, November 19, 2010

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores

Today, many kids are overbooked with soccer, piano, karate, Spanish class, homework and more. They don’t have the time to perform the normal chores that were once expected of children. Back in the day, part of being a family was sharing the household jobs. Now, parents are left with picking up after their kids, making their beds and cleaning their rooms.  I think we are robbing our kids from learning about not only responsibility and teamwork, but also how to function in the real world. That first year of college is hard enough, but add to that an 18 year old that has never done laundry or emptied a trash can? Yikes!

It’s true, when children are little, it is easier to just “do it yourself” than teach them how to pick up their toys or make their bed. However, you have to see the big picture. Slowly teaching a three year old how to put away his toys is much easier than trying to teach a hormonal, grumpy teenager how to suddenly clean his room. Additionally, with today’s environmentally conscience cleaning products, children are able to help even more (and kids love using a spray bottle).

Here are jobs that I have my children do (depending on their age):
  • Unload the dishwasher or silverware 
  • Wash kitchen counter tops (I like them to use Mrs. Meyers products which are environmentally friendly and contain no harsh chemicals or smells).
  • Sweep front porch (not a big deal if it’s not done perfectly)
  • Wash bathroom sink and counter top
  • Wash French door windows (large windows are a little tricky)
  • Vacuum
  • Wash the dog
  • Dust their own room

Often times parents don’t know what kind of chores to give their children. They are unsure what a kid is capable of doing. Chores need to be suitable to a child’s age. For example, when emptying a dishwasher, a four year old can help unload the silverware, while a seven year old can put all of the plates and bowls away, and a 12 year old can unload the glasses and cups. Kids aren’t going to do their chores perfectly, but if you show them how to do it and show them what a job should look like when it’s done correctly, eventually it will be worth your time and energy. Additionally, your child will grow up being more productive and responsible.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Medallion Circle Locket Inspirational Necklace

Loving this necklace! The locket can be customized with your own photo. It really makes a statement and can be worn long or short. Please contact me to purchase paula@alittlegratitude.net

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Rose-colored View

I've used this summer to do jobs around the house that were neglected during the school year. The "honey-do" list has piled up, so that it's a "just get it done now" list. I've used a critical eye to determine what needs my attention most. We've trimmed trees, raked up old grass, planted vegetables, painted rooms, touched up baseboards, organized closets and scrubbed floors. It feels good to check off the jobs as they are completed, but my eye is now trained to see the negative, rather than the positive. I feel focused on what remains to be done, rather than the beauty and good fortune right in front of me.

I recently read this quote by Jan McKeon, an editor of Better Homes and Gardens Magazine. "Allow time each day to simply enjoy your garden. Don't dwell on the negatives - the weeds, the unfinished tasks, the plants nibbled by rabbits. Instead, focus your eyes on the beauty of details - a newly open flower, dewdrops gleaming in the sun, a butterfly winging from bloom to bloom."  The words remind me to strike a balance in maintaining our house and property, yet find joy in the amazingly tall Cypress trees, the giant pink Dahlias and the home where my children play, create and love.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Working From Home, Playing From Home

The kids are home for summer vacation!
Yippeee! Yahoooo! Horaayyy!
I still have to work... from home, with three kids surrounding me and expecting me to entertain them.
Boo. Hisssss. Cryyyy.

Finding time to work while kids are on summer break is like trying to go for a hike in high heels - frustrating, irritating and you just end up throwing your pumps at something.

I don't want to sit at my computer, typing away while trying to focus as I am interrupted incessantly. Heck, I want to jump on the trampoline, make sand castles on the beach, sit by the pool and watch movies. However, part of me does want to work. I like writing, I like creating, I like meeting with grown ups and discussing interesting things. Yes, I like earning money!

It's all a part of the constant balancing act that confounds us work-from-home moms each day. How to "fit it all in" is the question. Fortunately, my dilemma was kindly answered today by my beautiful friend Mary Kelting. After working diligently this morning, Mary picked me up at home, drove me to the pool, bought me a margarita and brought balance to my day. THAT is what friends are for.