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Inspirational Jewelry, Gifts and Gab


A Little Gratitude started quietly. As a mother of three, Paula Mathias Fryer wanted to create a supportive, social environment for women in her small town near San Luis Obispo, California. She decided to host a mom-to-mom business trade show at her house where women could exchange products, services and advice. She couldn't find anyone to sell affordable jewelry at the event, so Paula decided to make her own.

Since then, Paula has embraced social media to evolve A Little Gratitude into a business encompassing gifts, jewelry and gab. With sincerity and humor, she hopes to influence other women to follow their passions while maintaining balance in their life. She simply wants women to "slow down, have a giggle and embrace each moment."

Be inspired (along with hundreds of other readers) by Paula’s blog, find her on Facebook, Twitter and in Women's Day Magazine. All you need is a little gratitude to change your life.