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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Living In The Moment - On Vacation

I was recently given the extraordinary opportunity to spend a week in Paris with my oldest daughter. It was a true gift and a dream come true to share my favorite city with my daughter. We had an itinerary planned, left a lot of room for relaxing, walking and of course, eating. We luxuriously slept in every morning and began our day of sightseeing every day around 12:00. It was a joy not to be rushed. Seeing landmarks such as Notre Dame, the Eiffle Tower and the Louvre through my daughters eyes was inspirational. She was so excited to see works by Van Gough and Monet - artists she studied in school. I was extremely proud of her.

About three days into the vacation, it occurred to me that I had been enjoying and relishing every second of the vacation. I was living in the present moment without even having to concentrate on being centered. It felt so good! The last few years of my life has been so focused on my kids, work, money, home-ownership - thoughts and worries that swirl in my head constantly. Contemplating beautiful art, learning about history, spending time with people I love, and focusing on myself burst the haze I normally live in.

Now I've returned home and to reality. I'm back to my life filled with carpools, work and multi-tasking. I'm grasping to maintain my vacation mentality. Living in the present moment was such a relief, like gulping a breath of ocean air. I had forgotten how great it felt, but I'm happy that I'm still capable of it.

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  1. Hi Paula, looks like you two had alot of fun in paris! mabye someday my daughter and I can go too. Also living in the moment each day is key, sometimes we get too caught up with things, and forget what is really important. We are glad to see you writing again. Keep it Up!

    -Angela & Angelica


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