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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time To Play

Often, I have to make a conscience decision to play with my kids. Ludicrous, but true. Cleaning the house, earning money, writing in my blog, reading a book, often take precedent over playing with my kids.

I have three kids and they always want to play with me. I'm so lucky! How can I forget to play? Playing is so much fun and liberating. My favorite thing to play is soccer. If we can't go outside, we shoot goals inside - right down our slippery hallway.

I also love the board game Sorry! I loved it as a child and would spend hours challenging my mom. Now, my daughter is a willing participant. You never know who will win!

Gotta go Play!

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  1. hi Paula, You right play with Our Kids is so important, they love that too!, We wish you a Happy Mother's Day.
    Angela & Angelica
    Groovy Baby Girls


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