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Thursday, January 8, 2009

A New Year, A New Decade

I like giving a slogan to each year. Naming a year gives me something to aim for. I must of said "2008 is going to be great" at least 200 times last year. I remember feeling a sense of excitement last New Year's Eve. I believed in my heart, that the year was going to be full of joy and accomplishments. My husband and I did a vision board together (okay, I coerced him a little), but it was memorable, and gave us a positive image of our future. 2008 really was a great year.

This year feels different. There doesn't seem to be the same excitement in the air. We're feeling the pinch of the economic crunch. Jobs are scarce, just like extra income. Our small town newspaper is running about 3/4 of a page in the employment section. Two years ago, it was at least 4 or 5 pages long. Everyone is being frugal. I've always been prudent, and sometimes teased about it. Now I'm just blending in with the rest of the penny-pinchers.

I've been thinking about a slogan for 2009. "2009 - really, it's fine." "2009 - at least it's benign." "2009 - so divine." None of those are working for me. They are kind of depressing, actually. Instead, I've decided to name my next decade. After all, I am turning 40 in two weeks.

Naming a decade is no small matter. It's a commitment, like hair color or Botox. A friend of mine turned 40 recently, and her "campaign" was "good Lordy, I'm forty." To me, that sounds debilitating. I want to embrace my forties. I think I'm going to go with "The Fabulous Forties." It's the frame of mind I desire to embrace. I want to be fabulous, feel fabulous and of course, look fabulous.

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